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app stewa_
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:45:09 am »
Personal Information

Name: Fabian
Age: 14
Location: Romania ,Arad
Contact Information (Steam, Xfire, etc.): my xfire: negativerly96
How many languages do you speak or can understand?: ENG,RO
How many hours can you play per day?: 4h
What's your view on illegal stuff?: idk :))
Do you have steam? (If so, which games do you own and play?): i have steam..

[Rk] Questions
Why would you like to join?: good clan
What assets can you bring to the clan? (Scripting, Graphic Design, Movie editing, Leadership): GFX - Graphic Design
How did you hear about [Rk]?: with dogzy
How long would you be willing to wait to become part of our clan? 5-6 days
What do you think makes us different from other clans?: its a good clan , and pro members ;)

General Questions

Ingame name: stewa_ or STEWA_
List all previous nicknames you have used: -
How long have you been playing SA-MP?: 2years
How frequently do you play SA-MP?: 3-5
Have you ever used cheats? No
Average ping on EU servers?: 100-110
Dynamic or Static I.P?: Dynamic
Do you get consistent packetloss?: 2 max
What clans have you been in previous to now: KoK, vS, uTD, KoG

Skill Questions

The following questions should be answered out of 10

Overall skill level: 8
Overall experience level: 8
Overall ability to play within a team: 7
How good are you with NO C-Bug: 7
How good are you with C-Bug: 7.50 :)
Name 3 A/D weapons sets that you are best with: deagle-shotgun-m4 or spaz

Rate yourself on the following weapons:
- Deagle: 7
- Pump Shotgun: 8
- M4: 7
- Combat Shotgun: 8
- Sniper Rifle: 7
- AK47: 5
- Sawnoff Shotgun: 5
- Tec9/Mac10: 5

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